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Each stage of pet ownership brings with it new milestones and challenges for pets and their owners. Our veterinary team offers the following resources and services to our North Boulder patients and clients to help address problems or questions you might run into. 

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Behavior Training

Correct behavioral issues with training and consultations at North Boulder Companion Animal Hospital.

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Pet Loss & Grief Support

Here are resources to help pet owners when dealing with the loss of a loved companion.

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Our Sister Clinics

If we are unable to accommodate your pet for any reason please consider visiting one of our Sister Clinics. 

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  • Behavior Training

    Our veterinary team at North Boulder Companion Animal Hospital can help correct behavioral problems in cats and dogs in the North Boulder area.  Request Appointment Behavior Training for Dogs Just like people, our pets have unique personalities! While every cat or dog may be unique, some of their behaviors might cause problems for you, or even be dangerous to your ...
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  • Our Sister Clinics

    Quality veterinary care is essential regardless of where you live. If our North Boulder animal hospital isn't convenient to where you live we highly recommend our Sister Clinics in Lafayette and Greeley. Request Appointment Compassionate Care in Lafayette & Greeley At North Boulder Companion Animal Hospital our vets understand that it's important to find a ...
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  • Pet Loss & Grief Support

    We know that the hardship of losing a beloved pet can be very difficult to overcome. Our veterinary team can offer pet owners in the North Boulder area support and guidance during this difficult time.  Request Appointment Grief Counseling The death of a pet can be just as painful as the loss of a family member or friend. It is important to giv...
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